India tour of New Zealand 2019 Stats

India, who chose to bowl

New Zealand vs India

New Zealand 212/4 (19.6)
India 208/6 (19.6)

New Zealand won by 4 runs

  • New Zealand vs India 3rd T20I at Hamilton, Feb 10, 2019
  • Krunal Pandya 26 * (13)
  • Dinesh Karthik 33 * (16)

Over 0.5 Mitchell Santner tossed up delivery to Shikhar Dhawan, out Caught by Daryl Mitchell!! Dhawan goes for the slog sweep Doesn't get the timing right and ends up fetching a straight forward catch to Daryl Mitchell at deep mid-wicket.

End of Over 9.0

Over 8.3 Mitchell Santner tossed up delivery to Vijay Shankar, out Caught by de Grandhomme!! Shankar was looking to play the slog sweep but he couldn't get the timing right on this one. Even the power wasn't that great as de Grandhomme at deep mid-wicket completes an easy catch.

End of Over 13.0

Over 12.2 Blair Tickner bowls a good length delivery to Rishabh Pant,  out Caught by Williamson!! Pant bends his back knee and swipes it towards mid-wicket. Williamson standing on the edge of the 30-yard circle takes a good catch

End of Over 14.0

Over 13.6 Daryl Mitchell bowls a good length delivery to Rohit Sharma, out Caught by Seifert!! Rohit throws his bat and just about manages to reach albeit an outside edge, simple catch to Seifert behind the stumps.

End of Over 15.0

Over 14.5 Scott Kuggeleijn bowls a good length delivery to Hardik Pandya, no run, out Caught by Williamson!! Pandya tries to pull even though he's cramped up and splices it near extra cover, the bat ends up behind the wicket and Williamson takes the dolly.

End of Over 16.0

Over 15.2 Daryl Mitchell bowls a good length delivery to MS Dhoni, out Caught by Southee! Dhoni clears his front leg and lifts it with that bottom-hand of steel, too much elevation, not enough distance, and Southee settles under it at long-on and takes it.